Jonathan Kyriacou

Library Media Specialist

Queens Gateway to Health Sciences



The Queens Gateway to Health Sciences will serve all of it’s members to be efficient, ethical and creative users of information, and will nurture the love of reading. The students will acquire literacies that coincide with the school’s curriculum, and better help them connect with the world around them. This goal will result from collaboration between administration, community, teacher and librarian. Members will incorporate skills used in the library to promote and further their education and career. The library will provide sufficient access to an abundance of literature and technological tools. Queens Gateway to Health Sciences Library will allow students and educators to connect with the school community, local community, and global community; to share a connected purpose.  Students are welcome here to feel safe, celebrated, and proud of who they are. The library will constantly assess its own performance to ensure students, parents, community members, and staff  will become successful information users.



The mission of the Queens Gateway to Health Sciences Secondary School is to prepare all students to perform proficiently, exceed academic standards, and find productive pathways to knowledge as they learn to live constructively together. Gateway, through the collaboration of school, home, and community strives to develop high expectations for all students in an educational environment that is safe and nurturing. We are committed to the use of appropriate instructional expertise, guidance services, academics intervention services, and the use of technology to support teaching and learning.

- Principal, Judy Henry


Checking Out Books

Students are allowed to check out three books at a time for a period of three weeks (teachers are allowed four weeks). There are no late-fees, but the student/teacher must pay full price for damaged or lost books.

Overdue notices will be sent through Jupiter to both the student and parent.

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